What is Conference Recording? I work for a recording company and our main mission is to go into Conference centers, hotels and put the speaker words and powerpoint presentations into digital format so that they can share  ideas with their colleagues after the conference is over. With the advent of the new technology we almost can record unlimited simultaneous recordings using modular digital recorders and based multitrack software.We are excited to offer a new and we feel most effective way to take conference recording to a new level. We did one conference where we recorded 28 simultaneous recordings.This is a nice service  for the attendees who have communicated to us that they appreciate it because they can’t make all the sessions and can’t be at two places at once. Our goal is to capture all the words and keep it clean and clear so that the listening experience is enjoyable. We have the state of the art Marantz digital decks the we hook up into the house sound system. Once we hook up our system we do mike test to insure we are getting a clean signal into our deck and it makes for an enjoyable listening experience for the attendees who purchase the session. We can put forty real time hours on one cd with a nice interactive flash presentation to pick which session you want to view with information about each session.This is an added value for any conference because attendees  cannot go to every session; so this gives them the ability not to miss and lot of the content that the conference has to offer.Another benifit of having the live recording is that attendees can listen at their own leisure as many times as they want to. Any new ideas in this area is always appreciated by us and we keep an open mind to the new technology that comes down the road. Thankyou for reading this blog.