Hi, I am a recording engineer for Fleetwood Multimedia. We are a solid little company that has been around for 45 years. With the advent of the new technology, (digital MP3) we decided to incorporate this with a new Marketing statagy that has a lot of potential.

  All attendees get every single session on one or two cds(we can fit 40 real time hours on one cd); for the price of what attendees are paying for One or two sessions now.(estimate of 80 sessions for the price of one or two sessions that attendees are paying now with the old system)

  We are a recording company who can record live sessions and put them on digital media for companys. This is a nice service  for the attendees who have communicated to us that they appreciate it because they can’t make all the sessions and can’t be at two places at once . It’s a chance for them not to miss anything that the conference has to offer(all the words). With our new mp3 disk format we can reduce the rate we charge(because we need less hardware) and put everything in one place.(and share profits with you) So what we have been working on is a new marketing concept that integrates the cutting edge technology.We virtually can record unlimited simultaneous recordings using modular digital recorders and based multitrack software.We are excited to offer a new and we feel most effective way to take conference recording to a new level.

  Every attendee gets to take home the entire conference! Fleetwood handles and pays for every aspect of the job from recording to finished product and shipping. We cover all our own travel expenses and production costs. Every attendee gets a CD-ROM MP3 of every recorded session(with a nice interactive flash presentation). If powerpoints are available they will be included in the production of the CD-ROM. We ask that you add a small amount to each attendee’s registration fee.($12.50  estimate figure)(the cost of what attendees are paying for one session now) From that revenue we get paid and you get a percentage if desired. The exact amount from each attendee depends on attendance and your interest in generating revenue.

 Back in the old days we would record on casette tapes (analog),  but now we have incorporated the new digital technology.  People would pay for each session they liked.If they wanted all the sessions they would pay us around three hundred dollars(with the new concept $12.50) and get a lot of  cassette tapes.It was a lot more work for us and a lot of hardware for the customer.

  The usual way is for us to come and record and provide on site CD sales. You are required to guarantee a minimum sales amount and we share revenue beyond that. We both worry about meeting sales figures and attendees are pressured to make a decision to buy, many are too busy to even stop by the table. That’s the way it is mostly done in the industry.We can still do it this way if your more comfortable with this marketing angle.

 We are flexible and can work with different plans for the marketing aspect. If anyone has any questions you can always reach us at:

Frank DeVito
Fleetwood MultiMedia
Audio Technician/ Marketing
20 Wheeler Street, suite 202
Lynn, Ma 01902
Ph   781-599-2400
Fx   781-599-2440
Cell 781-831-3462
Toll free 1-800-353-1830
Email   frank@fltwood.com

 We have also just incorporated the direct MP3 download from our website.(You can download any file you want from anywhere in the world if you have access to a computer)

 Thankyou for reading this new idea and if you get back to me, any input is appreciated; 

 ask for Frank DeVito.